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April 14, 2012


It struck me the other day, while reading Torah, how Mashiach is foreshadowed even within the grain offering (See Vayikra 10:12-13) It says that the sons of Aharon are to consume the grain offering, just as the cohanim, in a way, consumed Y'shua (he was "used up" as His life was spent). The offering was to be without leaven, this parallel is not difficult, as leaven represents sin and Y'shua was 'spotless' or 'unblemished' (the perfect sacrifice). It is considered 'especially holy' as is the Son of God; and it to be 'consumed in a holy place,' just as Y'shua was consumed at the holy temple. Finally, it is said that they, as the representatives of Israel, should eat it, because it is their share. It belongs to them. This sacrifice of Y'shua is for the children of Israel. Others are later grafted in, but make no mistake, the new covenant was made for, and to the Jewish people.

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