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June 07, 2008


Hello John,

Grace and Peace to you too!

I'm afraid I haven't been able to visit Beth Israel in person. I only know you all a little bit through the blog here and listening to the podcasts regularly. I'm way over here in the UK!

Where am I in my journey? Well, besides a growing appreciation for your podcasts, I'm signed up to Dwight Pryor's study lessons, which I discovered through Rob Bell's 'Velvet Elvis' and my church has blessed me richly (as well as challenged me) by using Ray Vander Laan's DVD Small Group study DVDs.

I've copied some of your podcasts to CD for my church library since I'm keen for others to learn more too. (I hope that's OK?) It's really nice how so often, your sermons complement my own pastor's and others I listen to!! (mainly Rob Bell & Erwin McManus if you're curious!)

I think the Lord is at work!

I am happy/growing/challenged at my local congregation - but I wish Beth Israel was just around the corner! I'd like to meet you and say hello in person.

Thank you for the book recommendations. I'll look into getting those next pay-day.

Every blessing,


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