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December 22, 2007


Wow! How is it that I never noticed while reading this portion so many times that Moshe knew what the last plague would be before he even left to go to Egypt (see Exodus/Sh'mot 4:23)?! Perhaps I've read it too fast? Maybe because I was too busy?

Did you the intention behind Pharaoh's response? "Give these people harder work to do. That will keep them too busy to pay attention..." (Exodus/Sh'mot 5:9).

Have you noticed how busy things have gotten these days? And if there isn't enough to do to keep us constantly busy we are conditioned to spend most of our "free time" being lulled into stagnation by the "little talking picture box" (TV) or our "little box of wonders" (computer).

This is a long standing ploy of "The Greater Pharaoh" (HaSatan) whose design is to keep us "too busy to pay attention."

What is it that he wants to keep us from? Worshiping our YHVH/GOD? Prayer time with YHWH? From doing His will? From studying His Word? From fellowship with other believers? From really experiencing life itself? Maybe from seeing and understanding the signs of the times that we live in....?

I believe the answer to all of those is a resounding YES, and we need to be aware of that strategy in order to counter it.

There is a time and purpose for relaxation, but there is also a time for action.

If you believe you are being kept busy and constantly distracted by the worries of this life, and feel a need to be constantly "entertained" take this medicine for your ill: TURN THE TV OFF and then pray for God to put you into the action.

Gog and Magog are getting ready to strike, you can smell it in the air if you can just "pay attention" long enough.

Do God's work. NOW is the time! Feed the poor, visit the sick and the elderly, care for the widows, help the orphans, spread the truth about Y'shua/Jesus and share what you have been given!

Find your place in the body, do your part and DO IT WELL!

Shalom/Peace, health and wholeness to you from Him!

Perhaps better said at this time of year: "Peace on earth and good will to men"...
- John

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