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May 12, 2006



Mark 7:1-23

Y'shua said that we can eat (those things that are considered to be "food" - and a good definition of food might be: things that are edible and considered "clean" by G_d in Torah) without first conducting a hand washing ceremony and it would not make you unclean.

In context He has been confronting various man-made commands for various reasons. He was not opposing Torah.

He made a clear distinction between the Law of G_d and the commandments of men.

Only without considering the context (trying to make the verse stand on it's own - apart from all other scriptures) is it understandable that one might possibly take that verse to mean that Yeshua could have been saying that it's ok to break G_d's Torah, it's no big deal, have some shrimp or a ham sandwich if you'd like, it won't hurt you, after all I'm here now.

Do you see a problem with that kind of thinking? To say that the Messiah who came to take away our sins (disobedience to G_d and His commandments) would advocate sin (disobedience to G_d and His commandments) when His whole message was REPENT (do T'shuvah - stop sinning and follow G_d and obey Him, to include His clearly defined commands in Torah) for the kingdom of G_d is at hand (here now, breaking into this world through Him)?

G_d forgive those of us who've bought into this anti-law ideology, and take away the veil so we all might turn/return to you together.

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