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October 23, 2005


This comment/question coincides with John 2:1-11; Yeshua turning the water into wine.

I'm intrigued and a bit puzzled by Yeshua's comment to his mother when she tells him that the wine has all been used up. Her implication in saying this, as I take it, is "Yeshua- do something about this! It's a huge problem!" His response is simply "Why do you involve me in this, my time has not yet come, dear woman."

Mary then says to the servants "Do whatever he tells you. What triggered this response from her? Was it exasperation? Faith? Desperation? All of the above? None of the above? Why didn't she accept what Yeshua had just said and let the rest of the wedding guests drink water?

The next thing you know, Yeshua (who had just said that his time had not yet come) is turning water into wine and performing his first miracle. What happened? I thought that it wasn't "his time" yet. What changed the situation so it DID become "his time"? Was it Mary's faith in him? Was it the desperate need?

Along these lines, what does it mean when he says "my time"? My time for what...

This seems to be another example of God "changing His mind"- similar to that of Moses asking for mercy on the Israelites when God determines in his heart to destroy them and start afresh with Moses.

What are all of your thoughts on this? I'd be interested to hear if this struck anyone else like it did me. If we can learn lessons from Moses' unselfish and compassionate response to God's decision to destroy Israel, is there a lesson to learn from Mary's response to Yeshua which seems to have moved him to act in an unexpected and miraculous way?


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